Saturday, February 10, 2007

"When this fleeting limelight fades..."

End of another work week. Whoopa dee do! Surprisingly it went faster than I thought it would (it looked immense from the other vantage point of Monday).

Naturally, I wake up and my stomach's all a mess. Had some chardonnay last night...wondering if that would do it. With my "issues," it's hard to say...sometimes I think plain old water can send me into gastro-hell. Enough about my cramps...although how often do you hear a guy complain about them?

So Anna Nicole left us this week. Feeling sort of strange about that one. Frankly, I think it's a sad thing and even sadder considering that she lost her son not long before. The thing that really bugs me about the whole affair is how the media is playing it up. I'll be honest...I didn't care for Anna that much. I've never been attracted to Centerfold-type women (fake and phony)...and I most DEFINITELY don't get into the whole celebrity circus. But I have to say that I think it's strangely odd how the same media outlets that were laughing at her apparent drug problems (i.e. that one awards show where she slurred through her speech) and making ratings by doing so are now the ones that are having special reports with titles akin to "The Life of Anna...How We'll Miss Her." (Okay I exaggerated a little, but you can see where I'm coming from). Seems to me that she was a troubled person living a troubling life...despite mucho dinero and many advantages stemming from her celebrity. Makes me wonder who was REALLY "there" for her in those quiet moments that we all get when we NEED some just to be "there." I know that I learned a TON about life and friendship when I went through some of my darkest hours and can confidently say that the Lord can bring the most unexpected "help" when those you thought you could lean on were figuratively and literally miles away. MUCH as I hate the celebrity circus (my wife will back me up on this one), I hope that Ms. Smith is in a much calmer, safer place.